Dope Android Homescreens. Session 1.

I remember my first Android phone back in 2011. One of the things that I quickly fell in love with was the ability to customize so many things. Now I wasn't coming from an iPhone or anything like that; I was coming from whatever a few steps down from an Android phone was. With any current Android phone the customization options have changed dramatically. The possibilities are endless. With all that being said I present Dope Android Home screen Session 1. In each of these sessions I will tell you all how to get the same exact setup, or at least use things off it. 


I use Nova Launcher which is how I use these custom icons. Nova launcher can be found here. The way to change the icons are simple. You go into Nova settings, look and feel, and then to icon theme. Now its important to know that I changed the icons on the actual home screen to something else than what I selected in Nova settings. In Nova settings I have Rondo chosen as the theme. This is the the theme for my dock and for my app drawer.

The Google icon has been changed to one of the Google Icons in Candy Cons. That can be found here. This is done by holding down on the icon on the home screen and selecting edit. Self explanatory from there. The bottom row above the dock are converted into Flatro icons. Those can be found here

The wallpaper is from this real cool wallpaper app called Frame. I tried finding a way to just link to the wallpaper but I couldn't. I will attach it below. The widget is from Zooper widget. The widget that needs to be downloaded would be Fox for Zooper. For your convenience Fox and Zooper. Within the widget selection in fox look for widget 26. Change the colors of everything to what you want, in my case black. 

I recommend getting pro versions of everything mentioned. I also can't remember if any of those icons actually cost anything. If it does it is usually no more than a buck. Here is the wallpaper below. I would love to keep these going. Lets make it happen. 


PowerPlant Power Bank. Wood You Get It?

I did a short review in a video and I will link that below. Power banks are nothing new and it is a very saturated market. In order for a Power bank to be noticed it would have to have a lot of mAh and a stylish design. At least this is the case in my eyes. The PowerPlant from Nomad does both of these things. 

I own a Anker power bank that has 21000 mAh, but it is so ugly. The PowerPlant sports nearly half the mAh but is extremely sexy. It is sporting 12,000 mAh which is still really great. It can charge your iPhone 6/6S four full times. It is wrapped in walnut wood, which is where the sexiness comes to play. I personally love any gadget that is made of wood. It has to be real wood though, I can't go for that fake stuff. It has two 2.1A ports meant for fast charging. It has a status light indicator that goes by four lights. 

This power bank costs $69.95. It is a steep price considering that the Anker power bank costs $40 and has much more mAh. I personally would buy 3 more of these just because of how gorgeous they are. With that being said, that is why you would buy this power bank over any other. If you plan on charging your devices and public and you don't want to look like a tool than buy this.