PC Upgrade Nightmare

There I was earlier today thinking to myself I should do some computer cleaning. To tie this together a few months back I replaced the stock intel heat sink with a T4 Coolermaster heatsink. Today while cleaning the heatsink just basically fell off and the clamp seemed to of broken. I decided to make a trip down to Tiger Direct and get my hands on a Corsair H80. First this is a great product my flaw was my case. The case that I have is a Ultra Gladiator 30$ case. Now I did not do to much thinking when it came down to installing this water cooler. I installed the back fan and radiator and immediately it would be impossible to put the next fan on top of the radiator or just skimp out and just have the one radiator and fan. There was absolutely no space at all to achieve anything.  I couldn't install the cooler simply because the distance from the processor to the radiator was literally an inch and with the case being so small I could not work the tubing to fit at all. So I became extremely frustrated and just took out all my parts and boxed them (thankfully I save my boxes). I will wait until I get a new full size tower. I write this post because if you are computer part shopping and you plan on doing upgrades do yourself a favor and get a case that's either full size or mid size that has room to work with.

Robert Bassett