Is it a case? Not exactly. Bumpies Review.


One of the largest issues when it comes to protecting your phone is the fact that the average case just takes the design away from your product. We all know this especially if we are rocking a otterbox on an iPhone. Bumpies is designed to protect the largest asset of your phone. Which is obviously your corners of the device. Bumpies are available to most devices and even the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Now there are pros and cons of having bumpies. First off if your a construction worker than you might just wanna look elsewhere. I should not have to state that but just in case. If your in a office job or a job in general that does not involve to many chances of dropping or banging your phone up than Bumpies may just be the choice for you. Also when putting on the bumpies make sure you do it correctly the first time. In the event that you make a mistake (such as I did) you will not be able to reuse that Bumpie. You can but it is much more prone to falling off once its come off once. Now with that being said, if done correctly the first time than you should not have to worry to much.

As you can see in the upper right hand corner of my iPhone 5S there is a blue bumpy, this was done by mistake. The red Bumpie that i put on covered my headphone jack. I placed it correctly and it did not stick as much so I had to use one of the blue ones. I will say that since I have placed those on it has been pretty solid and it seems like the adhesive is stuck on pretty well and will not move unless I try to take it apart. The Bumpies ship in a very cool pocket pouch kind of deal. One case includes 4 pieces and with a alcohol wipe to clean the device. With the bumpies it includes a sleeve that you place your device into and clean the corners and then place the Bumpies. The procedure is painless and very simple and straight forward. The packaging is really cool. The only downfall is the fact that I would like the package to come with more adhesive strips to place inside of the Bumpies, so in the event that you made the mistake that I did you can take it off and take off the old adhesive and put the new one. Other than that this is a very solid product and I enjoy having them on my iPhone 5S if you would like to get your hand on some Bumpies you can go here.

Robert Bassett