The Hyper T4 Fan From CoolerMaster

First and foremost this is not a step by step tutorial. I will however explain a little bit on the process but I would not go by this to do an install of this CPU fan. Here is the Hyper T4 CoolerMaster

I picked up this CPU fan from Tiger Direct. I had done some research on the product and found that it was a great fan and was very quiet compared to the stock fan and only cost around 25 bucks give or take some change. The downfall of my research was hearing that it was a harder install than most had expected and that even some people just messed up in general and could not get it on correctly. I knew I was going to face a challenge mainly because I was not removing my motherboard from my computer and I did not have the most space to work with, regardless I had to get rid of this.....

This is the stock fan that the Intel Haswell processor comes with. I would have left this fan in if it was installed correctly. A few months ago I came across a deal on craigslist to get this PC. What ended up happening is about an hour or so after using the computer it would just freeze on me. I had turn it off by switch and turn back on. After diagnosing the problem was not software (running linux and seeing if problem still persist....which in fact is a good thing to do if you have isses) I opened up the case and took a look around. To my suprise I noticed the heatsink was not attached on the processor correctly. Three of the pins that are supposed to be pushed in towards the motherboard were really not pushed in at all. The heatsink was practically dangling. I took the heatsink off and put it back in correctly. It did fix the issue to a certain degree but every other day it would still freeze one me and figured it had to of been the compound was all messed up from removing it and everything else. So thats why I got the T4. Good by stock heatsink....

Its important to note that when taking off the heat sink to be careful and not hit all your other components around. Also as you can see in the picture the processor is quite clean from all the original compound. This must be done when putting on a new CPU fan or anything in that nature. To do this it is quite simple. I actually like using finger nail polish remover and just taking a dab on a paper towel and cleaning it off. Make sure that the processor is completely dry before putting on new compound but don't worry that part is not here yet.

This is the bracket that attaches to the backside of the motherboard. Depending on your motherboard depends on the bracket size but that is not an issue because this bracket has extendable arms and can be used to make sure you have the correct fit. Once this is placed in correctly you make sure its pressed all the way through and than you take the four bolts that is included with the fan and attach them to the ends of the bracket that pokes through where the fan is located. Once this done you take the two metal brackets that are included and bolt them down. Now it starts to get a little harder and I am sorry I do not have pics of this process. The next step is to verify that you have the processor completely cleaned and no particles on it because you want a tight firm seal. To be honest to make it easier if you have not completely removed your motherboard to do the repair which I recommend (I however did not) and if you don't be prepared to have a blast (not really). You are going to take the compound that is given and apply a pea size drop in the middle of the processor. Be careful it is a very runny compound so don't over due it. Once you have done that you will place the fan on the motherboard the way that is shown.

Now obviously your pc will not be standing up at this point because if that was the case your fan would fall right off. Here is the harder part of this repair (especially if you did not take out your motherboard) is getting the metal bracket under neath the fan but above the processor and attaching it to the clips of the two other brackets. If you do this correctly you will than take the black end and basically turn it sideways. By doing this you lock the fan in and it will stay put. I will however say that in order to do this it will take some time and patience. i do not recommend doing this install if you are new to the pc building world and do not know what you are doing. If you thank the manual will help you,,,you are mistaken. The manual really expects you to already know about building rockets.  Thanks for viewing. Leave a comment below if you need help or want some more information on this process.

Robert Bassett