The Uguardme Case Skin Review

The Uguardme skin is something fairly new to me. I have seen the carbon fiber body covers on iPhones in the past but not quite like this. This skin covers the front and back of the iPhone.

This skin has basically a 360 style protection while remaining fashionable at the same time. There are dozens of different colors to choose from and it is actually very simple to install. The packaging comes with the Uguardme skins and a screen protector. Now I however did not use the screen protector. The Uguardme skin is a very soft mushy kind of material and its quite sticky on the outside. I like this because of the grip that it gives and you will not have to worry about it sliding off of a desk. The downfall however is having this in your pocket with lint and stuff like that. The skin does want to pick up all those dust particles...

I used two of my iPhone 5S for this review. The first 5S in the pictures was just freshly installed. This one however I have had with me the last two days in and out of my pocket and it does seem to collect the dust as you can see. Although that is not something that is a deal breaker and is very easily to clean off. The Uguard skin is not something you have to worry about falling off. The bond that connects to the screen is very strong. Its a very tough adhesive and will stick as long as you keep it on the phone. To take it off just requires being able to get under neath it and peeling it. It does seem that you could even put the skin away in a bag and use it later on down the road. This works for me because I am what I would like to call a case hopper. I hop from case to case. This skin allows me to do that. All in all I believe this is a great product and for someone who is looking for some basic protection for their phone I highly recommend this skin.

Robert Bassett