The Apple Watch. Potential Problems??

I will be the first to admit at all times that when it comes to design Apple has it down. You could not lie and say the Apple Watch is not an appealing product. At 349$ I would really hope it looks nice. The Apple Watch as far as what we have seen seems to be one of the biggest tech wearables that will be launched but it leaves me with several questions.


1. Waterproof. I would imagine that it has some time of splash resistant feature. Especially with the watch's primary focus being health. If you are a swimmer, surfer, or just point blank sweat a lot than this watch may not be for you. Honestly in my personal opinion this is always a deal breaker....which is why I have always enjoyed my Pebble. This has not been stated yet but I would imagine that it would be found out very soon.

2. Compatibility. Unfortunately and of course with the Apple Watch you are required to have an iPhone. Not only are you required to have an iPhone but you are required to at least be upgraded to the iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S and a no brainer that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are included in that bunch. I think this is when I would like to see Pebble step up there lineup and see something even more better (full disclaimer I love my pebble and that will probably be the smartwatch that I wear for a long time) since it is compatible with Android and Apple.

3. Price. Its nearly 400 dollars after taxes which is quite expensive when you compare it to some of the other popular smart watches.

4. Battery Life. The Apple Watch comes with the Retina Display and is said to have a 48 hour battery life I am not sure if it will last up to 48 hours but I suppose time will tell.



Robert Bassett