There Is So Much Space For Activities (Corsair Obsidian 750D)

So if you have read my last post you will know that I have went through a nightmare with my current build. Lets go back to about March of last year. I traded my baby. I let her go. My 2013 Macbook Pro with Retina display. That was not all I traded. I also let go of a 2008 black Macbook that I purchased for about $120. I traded both for a Asus gaming laptop ( I cannot remember the model) and a sorta halfway somewhat I wish it was could of been but isn't gaming pc. At the time the deal seemed amazing. Today you could purchase that build with all parts for about 500. This computer came with more problems than Jay Z and still has a few issues with it. First and foremost the case. It was awful. The case was an Ultra Gladiator case. I am not sure where that case was a gladiator. The PC had its first upgrade a while back with a  Hyper T4 CPU cooler from CoolerMaster. I will be honest. The installation of this was a little horrible. Even for a full time computer tech it was a little weird to attach to the computer. If you don't know what this looks like well here is a picture of it.

As you can see this thing is massive. The size of it is just bulky. Now I will say that this does a great job for a budget cooler. I cannot remember the exact price that I paid for this but I am sure that it was not over $30 and lets be honest, for that price you cannot beat it. To be honest I had no plans on changing it until I was cleaning out my PC and it just basically fell off. I would of re-installed it but it seemed to have broke at the bottom where there is a little piece that connects from side to side. So there I was on a hunt to buy a new cooler. I went to the local Tiger Direct store and purchased a H80I CPU cooler. I quickly ran into some issues with this. My case was just to small to fit this. There are two fans and a radiator and the radiator itself was about the size of two fans put together. There was no way that was going to work. I could not wrap the tubing around to the cooler and attach it to the processor. So I was stranded. I boxed up all my parts and called it a day. I threw out my case to let the crazy people of Miami grab it and think it was a fully functional computer. On a side note. I threw it out and an hour later I realized that I left the IO shield attached to it and had to grab it off. I am sure I looked crazy. Yesterday me and my wife made a trip to Tiger Direct yet again. We purchased several items. I returned the h80 because after some reviews there were several people complaining it was bulky. I purchased the H55 and to be honest it is doing its jobs. As I am typing I am running at 26 Degrees Celsius. Let me take a moment and give a shout out to Corsair on this case. Talk about cable management options. I first wanted a large case for future upgrades but wanted to avoid getting something bulky with too many designs on the outside of the case. The Corsair Obsidian 750D does a great job on a minimal brushed metal design. Not to mention the easy access to all fans for cleaning. I honestly did not even have to read the manual. I really enjoyed putting my PC back together inside of this case. Unfortunately my cable management is not the best mainly because I do not have a modular PSU. The PSU is a Ultra 750 and wires are everywhere. I will keep posting as I upgrade this PC. Leave a comment on some things you would like to see installed and why. As always thanks for reading. Follow on me on Twitter in the black bar above.

Robert Bassett