The Slide Stand Review

One of the major problems when it comes to getting cases is the fact that a lot of products seem to be extremely bulky. This next item is made for those who enjoy the ability to have stands on their phones. I have seen (and sold in my full time job) hundreds of cases with stands attached to them and lets be honest, they are disappointing. They are all extremely bulky and just plain ugly. The Slide Stand is a case that is made to attach to the back side of your phone and is used to stand your phone upright. On my Note 3 I rock a solid black Spigen case. I have had it for a while and I quite enjoy it. I did not want to take off the case to put The Slide Stand on so I attached the stand to the back of the phone with the case on, and it worked perfectly. 

Even on a massive Note 3 display the stand has no issues with doing its job. It also has several different positions that it could go into. In fact you could even place it on its side as well depending on how well you position the stand. 

The stand does however do better on some of the other phones out there like the iPhone 6 and other phones in general. 

While it may seem like this stand is a little bulky it actually does not bother me at all. Of course this all depends on the user preference on whoever is using the stand. After a few hours you barely even notice that you have it attached to the back of the phone. If you are worried about the stand just falling off, don't worry this adhesive is made from some type of material from another planet far far away from here. However in the event that you feel the need to take the stand off don't worry your phone will not snap in half from taking this off. It also comes with a few extra little strips so just in case the adhesive does wear out (I personally did not see that problem ever happening) you can just take the adhesive off and apply the new one. 

Now the only downside that I can really see about this product is that on the edges when you bend down the stand. It does look like it can break if you just snap it hard. I have adjusted the stand several times to see if that actually happens, but it does not seem like it would. It does however look like it. 

In conclusion the SlideStand is a great product for those who are always looking at their phone's or just watching videos. The SlideStand can be purchased at their website below for $7.99. Thanks for reading. As always you can follow me on Twitter in the black bar above this page. 

Robert Bassett