Facebook Rolls Out 3D Touch Support.

3D touch on the iPhone 6S has been one of those things that I haven't used nearly enough. It is an awesome feature, but I just forget that I have it. One of the most popular sayings I have heard about 3D touch was "by the time apps support it, the iPhone 7 will be out". That seems to not be so true. There have already been a number of apps supporting 3D touch. Some of the most popular being Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Stubhub, and Pinterest. There are quite a bit more, but these are some of the big ones. Facebook is the latest to support 3D touch. 

The 3D touch options are Take Photo/Video, Upload, Photo/Video, and Write Post. It is quick and straight to the point. I would say by the end of the year, our most used apps will support 3D touch. Facebook's other apps like WhatsApp and Messenger do not yet support 3D touch. I imagine that will change here soon. 

Robert Bassett