LIFX Smart Bulb Color 1000. Best Lighting For Your Home?

Light bulbs are generally boring. They don't regularly offer a lot of "oohhs" and "aahhhs". Once you buy them, you are stuck with that color. You never pay attention to them until they go out. At the same time, I have never really cared. In fact, it took hearing about smart bulbs to change my opinion. Many of us know about Phillips HUE lighting, but there is a brand changing the game. LIFX is packing a lot of features, but is that enough to make the switch?

The bulb has over 16 million different color options and a thousand shades of warm to cool whites. That isn't an exaggeration, there are a ton of color options. Changing the brightness of each color changes the look. I find that keeping it around 50% looks best. The bulb has 1055 lumens and is equivalent to 75 WATTS. This is a LED bulb, so it is very energy efficient. The estimated energy cost is $1.32, which is about the same of most LED bulbs. 

The setup of this bulb is very simple. You plug in the bulb to the desired place and turn it on. Download the LIFX app and follow the instructions. If you have multiple bulbs, you will need to do the setup process for each bulb. From within the app is where you can take advantage of all the features. There are five different sections. 

Lights: All the lights you have will show up here. The pictures below show one light, with the name desk light. You have the options of changing the name of the light, which I highly recommend if you have multiple lights. You can go here to change the color and effects of each bulb. 

Groups: If you have multiple lights in the same area, you would categorize them here. It should be something along the lines of Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, and etc. If you have 5 lights in the living room, 5 will be labeled on that group. If you want the same color for a specific group, you can go here to change the color of all the lights in that group. 

Scenes: It makes sense to save your color favorite lighting option. Below I have some of my regular lighting options. 

Schedules: This is by far the best category in my opinion. This allows you to turn the lights on at any time. I have mine set to 7:00 AM every day. Here you can pick any scene, group, specific light, the entire home. You can change how long it takes it to fade in. 

Integrations: Here you can integrate with Nest and IFTTT. On the LIFX website it lists additional smart home appliances you can connect with. 

At this point we know about all the colors, but there are other effects as well. The candle flicker is on point. I would recommend this setting with low brightness. Color cycle does the obvious. There are additional settings to control the speed and other factors. Strobe needs no introduction, although it only works by holding the toggle. That's fine with me, my house never becomes a rave party. 

The themes are "eh" to say the least. They have things like peaceful, soothing, exciting, dream, and serene. I guess it depends on your definition of those terms if those colors make sense. No worries, you can still adjust them in the color options. 

One of the biggest features of this light bulb, is the integration of things that connect with it. The Nest Protect has a feature to flash all the lights red in case of smoke or fire. Scout Alarm flashes red when there is an intruder. That is fantastic. The largest integration (at least for me) would be the IFTTT integration. Unfortunately, it doesn't do so well. 

IFTTT is terrible in my opinion. I have used it before and most of the recipes never worked or went through. I loved the idea of my lights flashing blue when someone tagged me on Facebook. Got an Instagram like? The light will flash a color to your choosing. Want to turn on the lights by a specific hashtag on Twitter? Make a hashtag specifically for that. The setup of this stuff is great. You grant everything access and it connects. The setting up has no hiccups. The issue is the delivery. It never works. If it does work, it works 10 minutes after I already received the notification. I have a recipe that when I receive email notifications, the light will blink red. That has only worked once, and I have received many emails. The Instagram like recipe has never worked. The turning on Twitter with a hashtag worked once.

I have used IFTTT in the past and the recipes always had problems. Oddly, IFTTT makes another app called DO Button and it actually works. DO is very simple. You click the button and it does what it is designed to do. In my case I have breathe and a simple on/off toggle. They work without any hiccups. The toggles can (and should) be placed in the notification center in your phone.  

I personally don't own any of the other smart home things that LIFX can connect with. I am not aware of any other connectivity issues it may or may not have. I do believe the IFTTT integration is poor just because of IFTTT.  I am basing that off my prior experiences. I would rather see LIFX have simple recipes within its own app. Keep it simple and have flashing/breathing options for things like emails, social media notifications, texts, and phone calls. 

I imagine the average consumer wouldn't be buying just one bulb. I would go with the 10 pack. It costs $599.90. That is a steep price for light bulbs, but considering one bulb is $59.99 its not so bad. Keep in mind that these bulbs are also energy efficient and don't require a hub of any sort. 

Within the next few months I do plan on buying more bulbs. I love the idea of always being connected to my things. The IFTTT integration is a hard hit, but not enough to make me turn away from an amazing product overall. LIFX seems to always be working on updates and new features. They even have 3D touch on the iPhone 6S. For laughs, I downloaded the HUE app. No 3D touch found there. 

If you are looking for more info on LIFX go here. Below are some pictures I took of the lights at several different color options. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you aren't subscribed you can do so at the home page.

Robert Bassett