Carved Case. Best Wood Case For Your Phone?

In the next couple months I plan on taking a look at several different iPhone 6/6S cases. Personally I don't really care all about protection that much. If my screen breaks (knock on pun), I'll just use my insurance. Throwing a fat Otterbox on the phone defeats the design. However, I can see the reason to have a heavy duty case. There are many people working outside and doing activities that require a great case. I just like design. With that being said, here is a review from Carved.

I have always been a fan of Wood cases. It is a great design and is very simple. Carved sent me the Black Limba Slim Case. The back is made of real wood, and even smells like wood. I imagine there is a protective coating used for protecting the wood overtime. The sides of the phone are polycarbonate. I was worried at first about the case being slippery, but the side of the case has about a million ridges. 

I would like the power and volume to have a little bit of a raise. If it weren't for these areas not having ridges, it would be a little hard to find the buttons. The bottom has perfect cutouts with the headphone jack, charging port, and loud speaker. I come across so many cases that have issues when plugging in an aux cord or headphones. 

The unboxing of this case has a very "home feeling". They advertise that the case is  made in Elkhart Indiana. Not familiar with Elkhart, but I imagine its a smaller town. The unboxing somehow gave me that vibe. It includes two stickers and thank you note. The box itself has a cartoon drawing that seems "cute".  The bottom of the case itself has signatures from some or all the employees. 

This specific case comes in at $24. I feel that this price is very reasonable. There are many other cases similar to this one that charge around $60. The case also comes with a 1 year warranty as long as you directly purchased it from Carved. This is a perfect choice for those looking for a wood style case, but don't want to break the bank. For more info and buying click here.

Robert Bassett