Is The Xbox Elite Controller A Stab At Controller Companies?

A couple years ago I went to a kiosk in a mall and made a poor decision. I spent $170 on a modded custom controller. There was no denying, the controller looked sick. It was black and yellow with completely blacked out buttons. The performance was on par with a car without an engine. It broke a week later. The joysticks started peeling and they didn't offer a replacement. Since then, I have stuck with Microsoft controllers. However, it seems that a lot of people went to other custom controller companies. Why else would Microsoft make a "Elite" controller? It seems that these other companies like SCUF, Evil Controllers, Custom Controllerzz, and about a thousand more were putting a damper on controller sales.

I do not own a Elite controller or a SCUF. I do plan on having that change in the next few weeks, mainly so I can compare the two. They are both premium controllers. This is when I wish I had both controllers in front of me. The Elite controller comes with a bit more functionality than the a SCUF controller. In fact, You will need to dish out about 30 dollars extra to get close to having the the customization the Elite controller has. How does the Elite controller perform? Is the SCUF controller much better? These are questions I will be trying to answer in the next coming weeks. 

It does seem that Microsoft took a stab at these controller companies. If these two controllers perform the same, than all custom controller companies will have to do two things. First, lower the price of your custom controllers. Second, step up on the performance scale. If the Elite controller flat out kills these other controllers, well that's bad news. I imagine that won't be the case, so stay tuned. 

Robert Bassett