The iPhone 6S. Same Book, Different Chapter?

It was two years ago when I left the iPhone family and returned to Android. I purchased the Note 3 and later upgraded to the Note 4. I was getting tired of the phablet and decided that this time around I would get the iPhone 6S. 

The outside of the iPhone is exactly like the iPhone 6. The difference between the two would be the weight and the S stamp on the back of it. The weight is added from the 7000 series aluminum and the 3D touch display. Just like any S model all the changes come within the inside. 

Whats new?

  1. 3D touch display. This is the biggest change in the iPhone.  Pressing down on some apps bring a vibration/clicking sensation with a few shortcuts within the app. Pressing down on an email or picture allows a preview and pressing harder brings you to that picture or email. Apple calls it "peek" and "pop". 3D touch isn't a game changer yet. It will take more apps taking advantage of it before most people hop on board. 

  2. The 12 MP camera and 4K video. The iPhone lineup has not seen a change in MP since the iPhone 4S. The photos are great and I will have some below. I think that most people just like the way 4K sounds. I personally would rather go for 1080P at 60 FPS. Most people aren't using 4K monitors or TV's. 

  3. The touch ID. It is so fast. Clicking on it just to wake it unlocks it for most people. It is so fast that people are even complaining about it when they just wanted to check notifications. 

  4. The 5MP front camera. The selfies have gotten stronger. The front flash seems like a rip off from Snapchat, but it works really good. 

  5. Live Photos. I left this last. Not much to say. You take a picture and it records 1 second before and 1 second after you took the picture. In the tech world we call it a GIF. I would see this being good for catching photos that are filled with action. Group photos or still objects just look a little weird. 

Faster processor and ram. Took Apple a while but they finally did it. Two gigs of ram are finally here. Day to day tasks don't really take advantage of the new processor or ram. The iOS experience is almost exactly the same on the iPhone 6. 

There are a few drawbacks of the iPhone which I don't like. My biggest gripe is battery life. It is not a noticeable difference from the 6 to the 6S. The other option is getting the plus, but I am backing out of the phablet market. If only companies knew that the majority of us would rather have bigger phones with bigger batteries. The world can't be perfect. 

If you have the iPhone 6 there is no real reason to get the upgrade. If you have anything else I would give it a go ahead. It is arguably the fastest phone out right now. The problem with being the fastest phone, is there is nothing to really test how fast it really is. Sure there is geekbench and other programs but the day to day apps won't notice a massive difference if you are using a 6 or a 5S even. I came from a Note 4 and it has been a big refresh......I just miss that battery life. 



Me and my wife went on a cruise recently. I took several chances to grab some photos with the 6S.

Robert Bassett