Microsoft Surface Book. Laptop Perfection?

Today Microsoft kind of killed it with upcoming Windows 10 devices. The Surface Book took the show. This is the first Microsoft laptop ever made, and they made it right. The laptop is a definite eye catcher, even with its awkward hinge. 

The Surface Book comes in at $1,499.00. This is the baseline 128 gig / Intel Core i5 model. Keep in mind that this model does not come with the dGPU. That model will run you $400 dollars more. Yes that means that the demo on stage was not done with a baseline model. For all models you can go here

The Surface book is packing a 13.5" display with a resolution of 3000 x 2000 (267PPI). The battery life is said to be 12 hours while using it. The Skylake 6th Gen processors are definitely going to be packing a punch. Storage is said to go up to 1TB. It brings a back 8.0 MP, and a front 5.0 MP camera. The new keyboard is said to be "perfect" and silent.  A full list of specs can be found here.

This laptop is pricey, but it prices it well. On one hand you have the Surface Pro 4, that comes in at $899.00. This is simple. It is for the person who wants portability of a tablet but the functionality of a laptop. There is only so much power in a tablet and in order to make it better, it has to be bigger. Microsoft did a good job by adding more functionality and power within the base/keyboard of the laptop. 

Is this the perfect laptop? I don't think so. I think its an amazing laptop. I believe that it would not be a bad buy. I do think there are better options. There were lingering questions that seemed off to me. On stage it was said to be 2x faster than the Macbook Pro. Which Macbook Pro are they running these tests against. Also, which Surface Book are they using? Lets break this down a bit. 

Microsoft said "Ounce for ounce the most powerful 13 inch laptop". I would suppose they are backing this statement up using the best model. This model is $2,699.00. On the Apple website I can customize a 13" Macbook Pro and upgrade the processor and ram to make it 2,699.00. That is the exact same amount of the most expensive Surface Book. Could the Surface Book be faster. Yes, I think it could be. The catch with all this is the statement. Fastest 13" laptop.  The 15" Macbook Pro can be customized at $2,699.00 as well and includes an AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB GDDR5 Memory. Are these the two models that they are comparing? If so, hello Surface Book.

When it comes to comparing two items of anything, I always balance out the price. That means if a laptop comes out and costs $1,000 than it should be compared to an item that costs $1,000. If Microsoft is backing up that statement using the top tier model than it should be compared to the top tier model of a Macbook Pro. 

In conclusion I think this laptop is an overall success. I just don't like comparisons without knowing which models are being used. The Surface Book would be a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and portable laptop. It is even a better choice if your using any other Windows 10 device, since they all connect together. 

Will you be getting this laptop? Do you find it expensive? Let me know on Twitter @yourdailytechy. Follow me on Instagram using the same handle. A video is below showing off the Surface Book. 

Robert Bassett