JimmyCase Review. Wallet Meets Wood.

So I have kind of been on a wooden case binge. There is just something about wooden products that I just cannot get enough of. There are many wallet cases out and about. There are also many wood cases running around. JimmyCase is the case for you if you are looking for both. 

The unboxing of this case is pretty straight forward. A clear plastic pouch with a thank you card inside of the case. On the pouch is a friendly reminder that the case is made in America. The band around the case has many different color options when purchasing the case. The website says that this case can hold six cards and some cash, but that is a far stretch. I am sure you can jam that much inside the pouch, but getting them out would be a fun time. This isn't something to really complain about. I would rather be safe than sorry. 

The wood itself is Mahogany, but there are options to change the type of wood that goes into your case.  The black rubber bumper around the case offers some really good grip. I don't see this slipping out of my hands, but if it does I think the hard bumper would provide some decent protection. The largest issue with this case are the side and volume buttons. They don't extrude at all which makes it hard to find if you aren't looking at the phone. They are also very hard to press, especially if you are in a hurry.

The cutouts at the bottom are perfectly fine, allowing ample room for different sized chargers and headphones. That is usually something I always look out for, mainly because my auxiliary cable in my car is very large. 

These cases have several different price options. The 6 and 6S start at $39.99 and have the option to change the wood and bumper for $49.99. The same goes with the 6 and 6S plus starting at $49.99 and up to $59.99.  

I am not sure if my hunt for the best wood case is over, but this case does a good job on prolonging that search. The past week I have left my wallet at home. This has a lot to do with the Stratos Card, which I will link that review here. I find myself carrying a minimum of four cards. I never really carry cash, so that isn't really an issue. This case is awesome for those who can leave their wallets at home and have a love for wood products.  Do you have a specific wood case you would like to see on my website? If so, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. My social links are on the top right. 

Robert Bassett