MonitorMate Prostation 3. No More Hunting Down USB Ports.

One of the issues I have with my current build is the fact that I can't really reach my USB ports easily. I also don't have a built in SD card reader. I solved that problem temporarily by mounting a USB 3.0/ SD card reader under my desk. It has done the job, but I wanted something a little more "practical".

A while back I did a review on the Quirky spacebar. It was great but it only had Usb ports. There was no SD card slot. They also only had the aluminum version (best with Mac), which did not go so well with my setup. I attempted to paint it black, but that was a mistake. So I finally found the MonitorMate Prostation 3.0. 

The unboxing of this is straight forward. You will find a cardboard paper with basic instructions, USB 3.0 cable, power cable, and manual. The setup is just as simple. One end of the USB 3.0 cable goes inside the Prostation and runs to a USB 3 port on the computer. The power cable runs outside the back along with the USB cable. The internal space is the most unique feature of this stand. Inside you can fit two external hard drives. These plug directly inside the Prostation. Right now I have a Seagate 1TB external hard drive inside of this. I would like the cable managing system to be a little better, but you can work with it. 

Facing the user is the built in card reader. Here you have a Micro SD card slot, ultra-high speed memory slot, and a standard SD card slot. This is just about all a producer/photographer needs as far as plugins. On the right are four USB ports. Three of these are USB 3.0 ports with a transmission rate of up to 5Gbps. One of these ports are a 2.1 fast charging port. This is the port you want to dedicate to charging your devices. 

There are black, silver, and a dark aluminum colors to choose from. I currently have the dark aluminum. This color is basically the same as anything Space Gray from Apple. 

The price of the ProStation is currently $149.99. You can go here to check it out for yourself. Let me know on Twitter if this is something you want from Santa this year. 

Robert Bassett