Mega Tiny Corp Anti-Gravity Case. Yep, It Sticks On Things.

The past several months I have been stuck in a wooden case craze. It was about time that I took a look at a different type of case. The Anti-Gravity case from Mega Tiny Corp caught my eye. It had a unique feature. It could stick onto walls and stuff. That was all I needed to know. 

The back of this case is made up of thousands of little (can't see them) suction cups that stick to where ever you put it. It holds up very well. It is intended for flat surfaces, so anything with bumps and ridges will give it a rough time. I stuck it to my bed post above my head and it was still there the next morning. I was worried that it was going to fall and knock me out. Luckily that was not the case. I stuck it to the wall by my desk and it stayed there for hours. I found this impressive. It does what it is supposed to do. 

Lets talk about things that I wish it didn't do. It's very hard to make a product that sticks to things and have it avoid sticking to things you wish it didn't. It picks up lint and dust more than what I would like. It isn't a horrible amount, but its enough to have it fall if you haven't cleaned it prior to sticking it somewhere. I found this theory true multiple times by having debris on it. I stuck it to the car window and it simply fell within a few moments. With that being said I wouldn't recommend attaching this to the window while driving. If you are going to do it anyway, just make sure you cleaned it so it will stick. 

The rest of this case is basic. Basic is good. Its all black and overall feels good in the hand. The power and volume button layouts are great. The cutouts at the bottom do not interfere with whatever devices you use to charge/listen to music. The left side has a Mega Tiny Corp logo, which is settle. 

The case sells for $39.99. I will have a link for it here. Should you buy this case? That depends on who you are. I imagine this is for someone who remains more stationary throughout the day. If you are running around all day, where would you stick this to? Make sure you are following me on Twitter and if you haven't yet make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll have a video below of the case in action. 

Robert Bassett