Lighting Dock From Native Union. Charging In Style!

Charging docks have always been one of the pieces of tech I ignored. I never really thought about them. I decided to look around and find one that would fit the style of my desk. I might of found the one. Lets not get carried away though. Here is the review of the Lighting Dock by Native Union. 

First off, this is a beautiful charging dock. The base itself is weighted with silicone and has a piece of cut aluminum. The charging cable feeds through the bottom of the case. There are these little brackets that are used for the top of the cable. If you have a case you use the one designed for it. If you are using the belt cable (not included), you use the ones that say Belt. They either say case or no case. These brackets essentially move the phone forward (away from the aluminum) allowing clearance for a case. 

Once you have the lightning cable inside and set up, it is best to just leave it. It is hard to pull those brackets off of the cable. I recommend dedicating one lighting cable to this dock for as long as possible. With that being said, the connector itself sits very sturdy within the dock. There is absolutely no wiggle. The whole setup is firm and feels very premium. 

The viewing angles are perfect when charging the phone. It's also easy to use the screen while its on the dock. Touching the screen doesn't move it around. It still wouldn't be ideal to use the phone the entire time its on the dock. I think that kind of takes away the point of having a dock. 

The dock comes at a price of $49.99. I find this expensive considering it does not bring the lightning cable. There is an option to purchase the cable for an additional $15, but I just feel that at this price it should be included. The optional cable does look sleek though. 

Overall this will stay on my desk. It fits perfect with my black setup. I look forward to buying the additional cable to finish the look. Whats your thoughts on charging docks? If you want more info on this one feel free to go here. Let me know on Twitter what you think about this dock from Native Union. 

Robert Bassett