ZeroLemon 3,100mAh Battery Case. Apple Battery Case Killer?

A few weeks ago Apple released their own battery case. Its a horrible design and there are better options at better price ranges. With that being said, we will be taking a look at the ZeroLemon Battery Case. 

The Apple battery case has a 1,877 mAh battery. The ZeroLemon case is sporting a 3,100mAh battery and at less than half the price. The Apple battery case is $99 and the ZeroLemon case will run you $39.99. It seems like a no brainer. 

The button layouts are perfect on this case. There are very tactile and even produce a better clicking sensation. The case includes a headphone extender, since a normal 3.5MM jack would not fit in the case. The speakers on the phone are covered. So on the case it has the speaker mesh facing you. It actually sounds better with the case on it. I would say this is because speakers always sound better facing the user. The case feels bulky but comfortable. The case is easily to assemble. The top of it comes off and the phone slides in. After snapping the top back on you are set to go. 

The case has four little led lights letting you know the battery life. The case is charged using a micro usb cable. The Apple battery case does have the advantage on that department, since charging the case only needs the lightning cable. Those advantages pretty much stop there. The case can be turned off or on with the power button. So when you have plenty of charge in your phone  you don't need to have the case on. I am able to charge my phone twice using this case. I never get my phone below 20 percent so it isn't completely dead when I am plugging it in.  

I will still be looking at other battery cases in the weeks to come but they will  need to seriously pack a punch to compete with this one. The Juice Pack Reserve from Mophie is nearly $60 and only has a 1,840mAh battery. It will be hard to find a competitor. 

What battery case are you using? What do you think of the ZeroLemon case? Let me know on Twitter. Use this link to grab one of these for yourself. 

Robert Bassett