Why The iPhone Smart Battery Case Is A Good Sign.

For quite a while now Apple has forgot about the consumer opinion and just focused on design. One of largest complaints when it comes down to the last several iPhones is battery life. It sucks. We can be honest. It seemed that Apple simply just didn't care. They have focused on being "thinner". Could this smart battery case be a turning point? What does this mean?

I suppose this means Apple has realized a big problem; there is a major audience of iPhone users who want more battery life. I am imagining that the next gen iPhone lineup will have better battery life.  If they don't, I suppose a battery case will made for the 7 as well. I highly doubt that would be the case (no pun). Regardless having a "Apple" battery case is a big deal. 

The Smart Battery Case comes in at $99. That sounds pricey but lets keep in mind that other companies are charging just the same. The design is a little Mophie like. I suppose that begs the question. Will companies like Mophie have to look over their backs with this new arrival? I will be looking at several battery packs over the next couple weeks. The Smart Battery Case will be included in this. Stay tuned. 

Robert Bassett