Added Power 2600mAh USB Power Bank Review

Power banks in the past 2 years have really exploded in the market. I have seen power banks come in many different shapes and sizes. Along with coming in different shapes and sizes, comes prices and if its really worth buying. We have all gone to the local electronics store and seen Power Banks selling for over $50. That price is a little upsurd so today I have for you the Added Power 2600mAh USB Power Bank Review from FireFold.

Starting off with this ower bank comes the great price of $12.99. This is a great price mainly because most competitors in the market right now are charging nearly double that amount. There are power banks out there with nearly the same pricing, however I question how they work or if they work as good as this one

This power bank is very simple to use and does not require a rocket scientist to use it. Upon me receiving my power bank I did not let it fully charge and put it to test with my Note 3. It charged for about 30 seconds and simply stopped. I learned that I did not let it charge fully. Upon charging this power bank you will see a red led indicator letting you know its charging. Once that light is off the power bank is ready to charge.

There are two ports in this power bank. The Micro USB port and the USB port. The USB port is used to plug in your device and the Micro USB port is used to charge the power bank. In the first picture below you will see the power bank with the attached Micro USB cable plugged in. Unfortunately the Micro USB cable it comes with is very short. I can see how that would be beneficial if you were plugging it in to a computer, however plugging it into the computer would take much longer for the power bank to charge, since it does take over an hour for it to charge on a outlet.

The design of the power bank is nothing spectacular. A black cylinder with the device name and website info. A good strategy to market the product if anyone looks at the device other than the owner of the power bank, but a not so great design. I do however like the fact that its made out of a metal material. I feel that it adds a premium factor to the device.

The most important player in this review is if the power bank actually does its job. Does it live up to the "power" in the term power bank. My answer is.....Yes. Yes it does. When you charge a device it will have a blue indicator letting you know you are charging the device. I have charged multiple phones using this power bank and have felt very pleased. My altercation with the Note 3 was just a mistake on my end. I do recommend staying away from the USB 3.0 cable to charge the Note 3 or the Galaxy S5. Both phones use the same charging port and it seems to drain the battery from the power bank for not particular reason so stick to the Micro USB cable when charging your devices. I have charged a Nokia Lumia 830 fully from about 15%. I have charged an iPhone 6 from a battery halfway dead and I have charged my Note 4 from 60%.

All and all this power bank does what its supposed to. Many people feel that a power bank is meant to charge a dead phone all the way to 100%. That is not going to happen and with most power banks in the market it won't happen. Any power bank serves one purpose. That purpose is to save you from a dead device at the end of the day. Thanks for reading. 

If you are interested in the power bank you can visit their website here for the power bank and many other tech products. Pictures below.


Robert Bassett