My PC Nightmare Came To An End!

If you know the back story of my PC you would know that it was pretty much a not so great PC. I am sure I have made a post about everything that happened with the PC but if you are new and have no idea what this post is about stick to reading. If you know everything and you were updated feel free to go to the second part of this post. Last year I traded my Retina Macbook Pro for a gaming build PC and a Asus Gaming laptop. I actually traded the laptop for an Xbox One. So what I had left of my Macbook Pro was a PC. Now I will be the first to say as far as pricing difference goes...I made a mistake. The PC was the worst. The specs of the PC were nothing great (and to be quite honest still has a lot of work to do). The PC came with an Ultra Gladiator Mid Tower case. This case you can buy on the Walmart website for about 30 bucks. The graphics card was a PNY 750 Ti. This graphics card runs about $120. Along with this was a Asus Z87k Mobo. This motherboard is a budget board but it is actually not shabby. The Processor was a i5 4570. It also came with a stock heatsink. The PSU in the build was a Ultra 750 Watts. It was not a modular PSU so cables were just basically crammed inside of the case on the bottom. The owner informed me that the PC had a SSD. I did not bother to look inside to confirm that because the guy on craigslist seemed to be a stand up guy. There was not an SSD. It was actually just one laptop 500 gig HD dangling inside the case since he did not use a bracket and basically only had the right side screwed into the case. One 8 gig stick of Patriot Viper memory. Last but not least one green LED case fan on the back, to give it that mean look. Now for the second part which will still have a little bit of what others may have read.

There I was at my home plugging in this PC, Turned it on and realized the computer came with Windows 8. The guy told me it was Windows 7. However that was not an issue. I installed Windows 7 and all the correct drivers for the PC. While doing some of this the computer locked up. I had to press the power button to get it back on. I thought that was weird and ignored it. The next day it did it again. I decided to do a Memtest. The test came out fine. No errors. I opened up the PC to find all the cables thrown everywhere. It was awful. I touched the heatsink and noticed that it was practically dangling off. One of the pins were not pushed through correctly. I thought to myself  "Well that's the problem". I made a trip to the local Tiger Direct and got myself a Cooler Master hyper T4 cooler. This thing was massive (especially for that case) and it was difficult to install. After installing the cooler my temps were lower but the freezing still consisted. I decided to live with it for a little bit until I could come up with a solution. I ran Linux and realized that it did the same thing ( I did this to rule out a Windows related issue). I decided that it could possibly be the hard drive...or as the owner before would say "SSD". I went out and purchased one 256 Samsung SSD and one 1TB Seagate HD for storage. I really do not need more than that since I do have my Netgear Ready NAS storage system. The freezing was still going on. For a long while after this I basically decided to live with it. It did not do it so often. If I was lucky it would do it once every two days. In the past four months the build had a downfall and I spent a lot of money. One day I opened the case and I knocked the cooler off of its mounting point. Great now I had a mission. I decided to go with water cooling. I however did not do any research on purchasing a water cooler. I went out and purchased the Corsair h100i which was a poor decision. I just picked it off the shelf and that was it. This cooler WILL NOT fit in that case. There was just no way. I decided that it was that time. It was the time to get a new case. I purchased the Corsair 750D (seeing a pattern with corsair products). I redid the build. I ended up returning the H100i and got the h60i instead. Cable management was still poor because of the PSU. At the beginning of the year I bought a few things for the PC. Some better case fans and lighting. I also started to read that people had freezing issues with the PSU that I had. So I went out and got a Corsair HX850 PSU and finally had some better cable management. However the problem was still there. What lead me to believe was either a faulty motherboard or my graphics card. I bought a graphics card. A GTX660 which was a decent upgrade from what I previously had. There I was turning on the PC and guess what happened next? It froze. It even froze again. It happened twice in a row. I remember thinking that perhaps it was the graphics card and I bought a even worse graphics card. It was that moment I decided to do a Memtest again. I had errors. I did it again. Errors. I went out and got 16 gigs of Corsair Vengeance memory. I am proud to say. That my freezing has stopped. I have been using the PC for a little over a week and it has not froze. My nightmare is over. However, there is still a lot to be done. My next upgrades will be the Mobo and CPU.

Robert Bassett