My Thoughts On The Galaxy Note 4 So Far

This is in no way shape or form a full on review of the Galaxy Note 4, just my thoughts on it so far. First I have to say that I am really enjoying this phone. The battery life seems to be one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a phone. The Note 4 battery is great. I have not charged it since yesterday evening and I am still at 27%. Now this may not be the same situation if you are heavily on the phone. Screen on time with this phone plays a major factor.

The Note family was and still is a premium device. It is a flagship device and to be quite honest, it did not live up to that expectation until the Note 4. The reason I say this is simply because of build quality. Nothing else. The Note 2 came with the regular plastic back covers that you will find on the back on the S3 and S4 and several other Galaxies. The Note 3 came with a stiched back cover with a plastic leather (pleather) type feel to it. Honestly it was ugly. The stitching around the borders killed it for many. The Note 4 ditched the stitch, and kept the leather. However the back feels much more smoother and more premium, as it should be.

The note 3 had a fake chrome metal around it that often would scratch and get banged up quite easily. The Note 4 also did away with that and made a metal frame around, again adding to the premium factor of the device.

I feel like Android Lollipop was announced forever ago and still has not reached many of the premium phones out. If you are a Nexus owner you have nothing to worry about, but for the rest of the Android community the lag is terrible. That is one solid thing that Apple has over Android. When an iOS is released, it is released for everyone. It just takes a while for specific manufacturers to get on board. However 4.4.4 will do just fine for the time being and I have no complaints. I have used 4.4.4 in the past on my previous Note 3 and had no issues. My main issue with the Note 3 was rooting it. I am not saying that rooting is a bad thing, but having a Sprint Galaxy Note 3 really limits you on the roms that are available. It is almost better just sticking with stock. If you are looking for customizations, download a launcher....I like Nova.

My largest issue with the Note 4 is the Micro USB port. The Note 3 uses the Micro 3.0 USB ports (same as the Galaxy S5). I loved this charging port. It was not because I could plug it it into a 3.0 connection on my PC and get faster charging. It was because it was less likely to break. The Micro USB ports are just....satan. They always break. I am a PC/Phone technician in my full time job. Every day there are repairs for broken Micro USB charging ports. It never fails. I remember owning the HTC Evo 4G and the S4 having to fold the cables into octagons for the phone to charge. I imagine that the Note 4 used this port again to obtain a slimmer device. For many of you this is no issue at all and you may never will be, but for me its a nightmare that I do not want to have.

Overall aside from one issue I am loving this device. I spent so much time contemplating what I was going to get. I was so tied up in the much more premium feeling HTC One M8 (although the Note 4 has stepped up). The stock sensation of Android Lollipop on the very large Nexus 6. Last but not least the iPhone 6+ caught my eye for a little while. After much research and just going with my gut instinct I made the right choice. Stay tuned. Thoughts on my Moto 360 soon.

Robert Bassett