My Apple Watch Rage

For over three months now I have been a Moto 360 owner and I have enjoyed every moment of it.  For nearly a year now the Moto 360 has had watch faces. These watch faces range from basically anything you can imagine. There are apps that you can download like Facer and WatchMaker that have hundreds of different watch faces. You can create your own or even go as far in buying one in play store. The Apple Watch is having the same feature. Obviously this is a must have and that is not why I am writing this post. I am writing this post because it seems like everyone seems to think this is a new thing. Even Tim Cook himself announced this as if it was something new and unheard of. The same thing happened when the Apple Watch was first announced, Tim Cook pointed out that the Apple Watch turns on when you lift it up to your face (giving it some fancy technology terms). Yep. My Moto 360 does that. 

I would like to think of these situations similar to being in high school. Imagine you were me. These days being a nerd/geek is a cool thing and its not nearly as frowned upon like it was for me growing up. Imagine being in school ten years ago being a nerd. You say a funny joke in class and no one laughs or even aknowledged you said it. A jock says the same joke next class and everyone including the teacher pisses themselves laughing. The joke than goes on to spread worldwide reaching unheard of levels. Your grandma knows the joke by the time you get can see where I am going with this. 

Android Wear does however need a little love. I have to say its been on a major upgrade since it was first released and I can only see it getting better especially with the supposedly WiFi capabilities coming out soon. With this you will be able to connect the same devices in the same WiFi network for more stability. When the Apple Watch comes out I can suspect that there will not be too many hiccups with the software since that is one of Apple's largest selling points along with design. However I feel that from a design standpoint the Moto 360 takes the cake vs the Apple Watch.  

Robert Bassett