My Thoughts On The New Macbook

It has been over 24 hours since the Apple Event took place and I have taken my time thinking about what I wanted to say and how I was going to say it. 

I suppose I will start with the new 11 inch Macbook. This picture below is the last model of the Macbook lineup. 

In 2010 the White Unibody Macbook cost $999. This was the year when people were saying "you know what if I am going to fork up this amount of money I might as well purchase a Macbook Pro". The only issue with this was that the Macbook Pro had actually very similar specs to the 2010 White Macbook. The only way around that was buying the 15-inch that was loaded with the 2.4 GHz i5 processor. The 13-inch was essentially the same with just a couple of minor differences. 

The new Macbook is just 2 pounds. Apple has really shaved this Macbook down. The 2010 Macbook weighed 4.7 pounds. More than half the weight has been cut. With the new Macbook it is only 0.52 inches at its thickest point. The 2010 was 1.07 inches. The major difference is the design. I have to say I am a big fan of Space Grey Apple products and to see that On a Macbook is simply beautiful, which is I am sure that is what Apple is going for in this Macbook. Beauty>Power. 

This Macbook is not going to be intended for those that are doing graphic designs or video rendering. This Macbook has a 1.1 GHz dual-core Intel Core M Processor with turbo boost up to 2.4GHz (assuming you are buying the cheaper one). This Macbook is designed for those who are not doing heavy duty work but need something to take notes, send emails, watch videos, etc. It is generally an iPad with a keyboard. 

Now my title is "My Thoughts On The New Macbook" and I haven't really given any of my thoughts on it. I have just said what we already know and did some math and explained some things in detail. I would of been happier with this Macbook if it didn't get rid of the back light on the Macbook logo and replaced it with the metal logo like the iPads. I also do not know how I feel about the keyboard being so thin. The travel time in the key press is extremely short and I am not sure if that is a deal breaker. 

Another thing that we know after watching the event is that it has no moving parts. There are no fans in this new Macbook. It has a much smaller motherboard and the rest of the space is designed for the battery (or batteries). That concerns me. Is it going to get hot. Are the batteries going to swell? If someone is attempting to throw a lot of power at it does it just give an error that it can't do it. One thing we all know with older MacBooks is that when doing editing or some major downloading the battery gets really hot and the fans kick up really loud. How is the new Macbook going to handle that?

The price of the new Macbook is one of the largest flaws in my opinion. At $1299 I believe a Macbook should be able to handle whatever I throw at it. I think that I would of been happier ditching the retina display and pricing the Macbook at $800. More than an iPad but less than a Macbook Air. The Macbook can obviously do more than an iPad but will struggle with performance vs the lower end current Macbook Air priced at $999. If it has an Apple logo on it, they will come. 


Robert Bassett