Will The Macbook Air Die?

So its been nearly a week since the new Macbook has been released. The earth has shook and people have raged over one port and price on the new Macbook. One thing that I and several others are curious about is "what is going to happen to the Macbook Air"?

The first Macbook Air was announced by Steve Jobs in 2008 and what it bought to the table was something different. At the time you had the bulky Macbook Pros and the White Unibody MacBooks. The Air was dramatically thinner and lighter (hince the name Air). The new Macbook looks like it will replace the Air. How do they expect to sell future model Macbook Airs when a future Model Macbook will (currently) be thinner and lighter than the Air itself. Whats the purpose of Air.

Did Apple make a mistake with calling it a regular Macbook. Should they of just re-designed the Macbook Air lineup? Will the Macbook Air Die?

Robert Bassett