YourDailyTechy Now Has A Forum

One of the best things that come out of being a computer tech and running this website is the ability to help people. A lot of the times I recieve tweets/messages on twitter asking for help with a specific tech problem. I usually do my best in helping who ever is asking me the questions. As of today my website will now have a forum with some categories to start off with. The categories are General, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Apple, and last but not least Android. These topics are basic and over time I will accommodate changes needed to the forum. My main goal is just to have everyone at one place to talk about any thing tech related. If you have a problem with your iPhone post it in the Apple section. There is a lot of other forums out there for needs like this but the main difference will be that I will do my best to be as active as I can on the forum. The others out there with knowledge on subjects can help others out as well. I hope you enjoy. 

Robert Bassett