The HTC Uh Oh Program

Last year HTC announced the Advantage program. If you cracked your HTC One M8 within the first 6 months of having your phone you were covered under the Advantage program. However this program only covered cracked cracked screens. It was a nice policy for those who were clumsy with their M8's. 

Now there is a new program HTC is rolling out. The program is called Uh Oh. A very catchy name since if you break your phone Uh Oh is one of the things that usually leak out of your mouth other than some other words we will not discuss. The Uh Oh program extends the policy for a whole year. Double the amount of the original Advantage program. The Advantage program also only covered cracked screens. The Uh Oh program on the other hand covers basically anything you can do to your device as long as you still have it. It also covers if you switch your carriers. 

In the chance that you are not a phone dropper, the program also will give you $100 towards the purchase of a new HTC phone if you did not break your device within that first year. Which is something I personally like since I rarely ever drop or break my phones. 

With the new line up of phones coming out this is a very smart choice on HTC's side of the fence. I would love to make sure that the program lives up to its word and that there are no gimmicks, however the Advantage program did not seem to be hiding anything and was pretty straight forward so I imagine this would be too. Good job HTC. 

Robert Bassett