Will The Apple Watch Fail With iOS Integration For Android Watches?

As of lately I am sure many of you have seen the video of MohammadAG using a Moto 360 and answering calls with it from his iPhone. If you have not yet seen that video there will be a button at the end of this post so you can check it out. 

The world of smart watches is rapidly merging. In 2014 there were around 700,000 Android Wear devices shipped. Thats a decent number but many of us expect the Apple Watch to drill those sales by the millions. In favor of Android Wear my heart wants to disagree but my head tells me otherwise. Can that change?

The Pebble was a major success with its incredible battery life and its simple design, but one thing that it had over current smart watches, was that it was compatible via iOS or Android. The Moto 360 is strictly Android. The Apple Watch will be strictly iOS. Now with testing confirming that it is possible to use an Android watch with iOS there are new questions. Will the Apple Watch fall short if other smart watches are compatible with iOS?

The Moto 360 ( I use Moto 360 because I own one but practically insert any Android watch and it would be the same) does everything the Apple Watch can do except send a heart beat to another person that was willing to pay around $400 for one. The Moto 360 is significantly cheaper than the Apple Watch and is much more appealing to the eye, at least in my opinion. 

Lets just face it. The iPhone is an amazing phone. I currently use a Note 4 and I love it. I won't leave it. If I do. It would be for another Android phone. However there are sure to be some people that love their iPhone, but don't want the Apple Watch. Will this cause a problem for Apple. Would they go out of there way to make iOS incompatible with Android Watches? One thing we know for sure.....Apple will never allow the Apple Watch to work on an Android phone. 

Robert Bassett