Why The Macbook Series Will Always Be Superior

For years now the MacBook series has gone above and beyond their competitors. What makes a Macbook so much better than the regular windows laptop? Why do they have such high price tags when other laptops have similar specs and cost half the price? 

Considering that we just assume Windows is the main competitor (although those who use Linux would argue that Linux is the best but we are talking about what most people use) we can all agree it has many downfalls. The main issue is that thousands of people have is the harsh horrible design of Windows 8. Sure they added a start button and fixed a few bugs but still the design is just horrendous. Windows 7 is still a gem just like XP although updates are no longer happening for XP. So if you want one of the best Windows experience, its best to go with 7. Windows 7 still has its downfalls. 

The constant need for updates and restarts can drive anyone mad. At the worst times it always seems like Windows has to update. When using Windows its kind of a must to have an Anti-Virus program along with some type of Cleaner and malware cleaning program. As a computer tech I know my way around and can avoid annoying ads and malware on my computer, however this is not the case for most people. 

In 6 months the average customer of a Windows machine has already found its way into some malware and viruses. Therefor the customer forks up money for servicing and ends up being ripped off spending money on some Anti-Virus program that they honestly could of gotten for free with some digging through the internet....while gaining a few more problems doing so. 

The Mac OS software is some of the most secured software for an operating system, however they can still get bugs. It is much less likely that they do though. The reasoning for this is, computer virus writers simply write viruses for Windows because its used by more people. Wait the title says MacBooks are superior. So how do more people use Windows?

Most businesses currently use a Windows based computer. In 2014 most of the usage of desktops came from Windows 7. Behind Windows 7 was Windows XP and trailing behind XP was Windows 8. Behind Windows 8 was Mac OS. Schools across the nation mostly use Windows based machines. Along with schools are big and small businesses that have run the same operating system for years. As a matter of fact, it was last week when an AC repair tech and I were talking about how the entire company has been using XP since the business started. 

As far as a desktop is concerned, I firmly stand behind a Windows machine. Mainly because if you are a gamer its a most to be running Windows. Also you can do some awesome things with a gaming build that you cannot do with a Mac. So the conclusion. 

The use for a laptop has escaped many people. A laptop is to be used on the go. It needs to be ready when you need it to. You should not have to wait on it to work. You should be able to do your daily task with a click of a button and not have to worry about issues like viruses and updates. That is why the Macbook is superior over Windows as far as laptops are concerned. They just work and they rarely have problems. We expect this from a machine that cost so much. What do you think?

Robert Bassett