The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Review

The quality of tools when it comes down to repairing phones and computers are extremely important. It is even more important when you do it for a living. The quality of the tools determine how good or bad a repair can be. As a tech I have seen many tools come and go. The iFIxit Pro Tech Toolkit plans to stay.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is packed with nearly everything you need to start repairing. Every piece is made with some of the best quality I have seen. It comes wrapped in a cloth roll that simply looks professional. The box itself is just as professional as the tools. 

The box itself is blue and white, revolving around the theme color of iFixit. The box has a professional look, since its intended for professionals. When opening the box you will be greeted with the cloth wrap that has everything inside. The wrap itself has a premium feel to it and is stamped with the iFixit logo. 

Included in this bag is the 54 bit driver set. This set includes every bit you could possibly need to repair electronics. This driver set is one of the easiest driver sets I have used. Every tip is magnetic and has no issues with connection. It has the regular driver itself, which is what would be primarily used. It also has the rubber and metal extender to get into hard to reach places. The bits are in the little blue beds labeled so you won't misplace them. 


The kit brings four of the blue plastic opening tools. In the repair business there are hundreds of these things floating around. These seem to be best built out of the majority I have seen. You typically use these for prying things open. The precision tweezers are a must for most repairs, especially if you are dealing with adhesive. With iFixit being great in quality these don't wear down so much like other competitors. They also are extremely pointy, which makes it a painless task using them. A lot of times tweezers just don't provide the "grab" that technicians need for repairs. These definitely do that and more. 

The tech knife is a must when it comes to cutting tapes and adhesives.  It also comes with a anti-static wrist wrap so you can ground yourself when working with electronics that are sensitive to static. A small suction cup is also included used to pull up screens and whatever you need it to. The suction cup is pretty much the same across the board.  It also comes with a black spudger which is primarily used to disconnect connectors. In the past I never have used these. The majority of the time I just used my finger nail. I started using the spudger and it makes it a lot easier, especially with things like antennas.  The kit also includes a metal spudger set which are basically used to pry devices open. The 6 inch metal ruler is self explanatory. It includes a pocket clip attached to it but can also be used as a measurement stop. 

One thing I was very skeptical about when doing this review, was the 54 bit driver set. I was very worried that the constant changing bits would be a hassle and would take a lot of time. To my surprise that was not the issue and I felt even more proficient using this toolkit. Every screw that has been taken out of a phone or computer has been an easy process with using the driver. In the office I work there has been technicians struggling to get a stripped/rusted screw out of a phone. I simply hand them the driver with the bit of choice and it comes painless. Out of all the toolkits I have come across, this is one of the better ones to get your hands on. If you want to get your hands on one you can find the links below. The website itself has a lot of tools to choose from. Underneath you will find a direct link to the toolkit. 

I hope you enjoyed that review. At this time I would like to post a link to my job. The name of the company I work for is DrPhoneFix. We repair cellphones (obviously) tablets and computers. We use high quality tools and parts like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and other iFixit products. We are located in Miami but we are opening up options to get your device repaired across the nation. When acquiring about repairs please use the companies info to do so. We look forward to repairing your phones. 

Disclosure: I received a free Pro Tech Toolkit from iFixit in exchange for writing a review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


Robert Bassett