The Ibira Backpack From Caselogic Review

For the past three years I have had the same backpack. My bag was a Nike backpack. The cost of it was over $150 and had more pockets than you can imagine. Seriously.....I just found another pocket yesterday. 

The Ibira backpack is a simple backpack. It has three main parts. In the front it has a smaller compartment that would be used to put your smaller items in. This compartment is just a wide open space to throw whatever you need to in it. In my case I have a bunch of chargers and USB drives. 

Next is the place to put some bigger items in like books. It also comes with two straps to put your pens or pencils in. On the side of those are two compartments. In these compartments I currently have a pair of headphones and an external hard drive. Those pockets are deeper. I just made sure those items poked out so you could get an idea what they could be used for. 

The back part of this backpack is where your larger tech gadgets would primarily go. Right now I have a Macbook Pro and an iPad. The padding used to protect the Macbook and iPad would be a lot better if it were thicker. The padding is extremely thin and does not offer a lot of protection. The bottom of the backpack does have quite a bit of cushion so setting it down hard should not hurt much. You would just have to worry about the front of the laptop facing whatever you have in their with my case an iPad.


On the sides of the back pack are the typical cup holders made of mesh. At this point if a backpack doesn't have cup holders its kind of pointless to be in the backpack industry. Everyone has them. The backpack is comfortable to use. It has a decent amount of padding on the back. If there would be a ton of weight, it would be uncomfortable. It is extremely light compared to my last backpack.  This backpack is targeted for the casual person with a laptop and a few other things. Right now it fits perfectly fine with a 2012 heavy Macbook Pro, iPad 2, chargers for my devices, Canon digital camera, External hard drive, Battery pack, and in-ear headphones. I am not in school this semester so no books. If I were to add a few there would not be to much to complain about. 

If you are carrying around 4 or 5 books and a bunch of electronics, this backpack may be short on storage space for you. It has three places that can really only fit so much until it would be a hot mess. Lets be honest. The typical person is not carrying a ton of stuff. Most of the time we are taking our laptops and a few other things. Those things vary depending on who you are. For the majority of us this backpack would work perfectly fine. 

There is one last compartment on this backpack. On the back of this backpack there is a little slot. I imagine the average person would put their wallet or emergency cash here. 


This backpack comes in three different designs. Mine is the dark grey with the neon yellow accents. The back is covered with the neon yellow giving it a brighter pop in color. 


In conclusion this is a solid backpack. My only issue was the padding around the Macbook Pro. I would of loved it if it was a bit thicker. I like the simplicity behind this backpack. If you are looking for a back with a bunch of compartments, this may not be for you. If you are looking for something simple and reliable than the Ibira Backpack from Caselogic is for you.

You can click here for the Caselogic website. 

Disclosure: I received a free Ibira backpack from Caselogic in exchange for writing a review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Robert Bassett