Maintaining Style And Protection. Tech 21 Classic Check Case Review

Do I want a protective case or something stylish? This is a question that is often asked when searching for cases. You end up getting something sleek and cool. You also end up with a smashed iPhone screaming at the Gods of Apple (insert Steve Jobs joke here). On the flip-side you purchase a military grade case. This case is invincible to C4 and will catch a lot of eyes because your iPhone 6 looks like a Nokia from 1998. 

Tech 21 is trying to change these common thoughts when purchasing a case. A lot of questions are asked when it comes to purchasing a Tech 21 case. What is Impactology? Is it a gimmick? Does it really work? 

Impactology is basically the impact protection that Tech 21 uses. The key role here is not the smokey part of the case itself. It is the orange surrounding border. We call that D3O.

D3O is a shock absorbing material. When hitting a pile of D30 (imagine an orange glob) with a hammer it will not move. It will absorb the shock. The molecules lock up and push away the damaging energy. In theory when dropping your phone with this case the D3O absorbs the shock and pushes away the damage. D30 can be molded and put how you want it. It takes force of impact for the material to lock up. Squeezing this with your hands is basically like using play-doh. 

D30 has actually been around longer than Tech 21. You can find this in a lot of impact materials. There are jackets that moped drivers wear with this material built inside. You can imagine why. 

The case fits very well in the hand and provides a lot of grip. I own a Note 4 so using this with an iPhone 6 still felt small in my hand. However with someone that had no case will notice a change in width. The D3O compound on the sides make the iPhone feel a bit bigger on the sides. It is not a huge issue.

This is a perfectly well balanced case. It is the best of both worlds. You get a great amount of protection and style. I love the smokey version but there are several other options to choose from. The price is very appealing to the eye. Any case below 20$ that provides protection is a plus. You can go here to check their website for other cases as well. 




Disclosure: I received a free case from Tech 21 in exchange for writing a review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Robert Bassett