My Hunt For Headphones Has Come To An End

When it comes to listening to music most of us have different taste in what we expect to hear from headphones. Most people look for style when it comes to searching for headphones and that is perfectly fine, however there are the people who look for a great sound in headphones. 

Depending who you are and what you want, great sound may not be "great sound" but could possibly sound great to you. Beats by Dre are notorious for having a great style and unboxing experience, however they fall deeply short when it comes to audio. I have been one of the victims sucked into the pit of buy Beats headphones, but before we get there lets go back to the beginning.

I have always been one that looks for great audio quality when it comes to purchasing anything basically audio related. For a long time when living in Georgia I had a Bose surround system and that was the premier star in my audio listening. I did not use headphones all so often and when I did it was not for large amounts of time. 

When I first moved to Miami I purchased a pair of SOUL by Ludacris headphones. They were in ear and sounded OK. I later on bought a pair of Dre Beat on ear headphones. They were deep with bass as we all know. I spent money here and there on whatever decent headphones were around. I bought skull candy headphones at one time. I began feeling a lot of discomfort when it came down to listening to music from long periods of time with the Beats. My ear would heat up to boiling was weird. I always had my gaming headphones, a pair of Turtle Beach X12 headphones. I used to game for long periods of time and they felt comfortable. Thats when I noticed that my next headphone purchase would be something that was over the ear and comfortable.

I saw many reviews on the Audio-Technica M50X's. I shopped around for many brands like AKG, Sennheiser, and Bose. There are many more but cannot name all of them. The Audio-Technicas always appealed to me. My problem however was that it was one of those buys that if you didn't like it, you would have to ship it back for a refund. The reason for this being is there were retailers that carried them on shelves. After much research I found that Guitar Center carried them. The guy at the cash register was weirded out when I wanted to open the box and try them since they did not have a display unit. He agreed and I plugged it in and opened Spotify and gave it a go. I knew I was buying them. 

The conclusion is simple. These headphones are great. They have a perfect balance of bass. They sound crisp and fit comfortably. I do sometimes feel that the clampage (if thats a word) is a little tight around the head and that seems to be an issue with several people out there. The M70X has a better fit to the head but delivers a different audio quality made for editing and things in that nature. Leave me a comment on what headphones you use and why. 

Robert Bassett