Why Making The Apple Watch Half Off For Employees Makes Sense.... For Apple

When it comes down to smart watches there are many many many more people who do not know they exist compared to those who know they exist.  Day by day I get questions on my Moto 360 about what it is and how it works.  Even with the Apple Watch coming soon there are still many people clueless about smart watches.  

One thing that drives people away from the Apple Watch is the significantly high price tag of having one, however this will not be the case for Apple employees. Apple employees will be getting the Apple Watch 50% off its original price tag.  This seems like an awesome deal for an employee but it's a much better deal for Apple.  

Apple Is not known for giving away products for reviews or discounting products in hopes for more traffic to a certain product but that is exactly what they are doing with the Apple Watch.  

It's a solid way to get more people aware of the Apple Watch since these employees have social lives outside of work.... Well at least these employees do. 

Robert Bassett