Google Coming Closer For Android Wear On iPhone

Back in March I made the post if the Apple Watch would fail if Android Watches could be used on iPhones. At the time there were a few stories supporting that its happening. It is now even closer according to someone close to the development team at Google.

One thing Android Wear watches need to work fully on iOS is Android Wear. The problem is if Apple will allow the Android Wear app into the App Store. Like most of us the answer in my opinion would probably be no.

Why would Apple allow competition in their platform. It would not make sense, however in many eyes it would make them seem scared. Its easy to be the best smart watch for a phone when there is only one smart watch on the entire platform. Pebble and a few other not so great watches are able to work on the iPhone. Other than that its all about the Apple Watch.

If Apple allows the Android Wear app on its App Store it would show some significant trust in the Apple Watch. If they don't allow the app it would show that they are worried. What do you think?

Robert Bassett