The Quirky Spacebar Review

There are many stands for monitors out and about. Some of them aren't so great and some of them are more expensive than the monitor itself. Some monitors come with adjustable height and make having a stand useless. Many people have an iMac. If you are an iMac user you only have one height and you don't have USB ports in the front. Can the Spacebar from Quirky will change all of that. 

The unboxing experience is decent. The box opens up and on top is the Spacebar. Underneath that is a box. In the box is the AC adapter and the USB 3.0 cord. They were just kind of thrown in the box and did not have any organization. I would of liked to see it in some plastic layouts of some sort. The blue of the box had rubbed off onto the Spacebar itself. It came off with a wet napkin. I think that came from the heat itself from shipping. 

The Spacebar comes in three different colors. The colors are black, white, and their all new brushed aluminum. The aluminum Spacebar is primarily for the iMac. There are several reasons why I say this, but first here she is. 

I apologize about the lowlight picture

I apologize about the lowlight picture

As you can see the aluminum version is an iMacs best friend. Lets start off with why this is perfect for the iMac and what the Spacebar is. The Spacebar is not only a stand. It is also a USB  and charging hub. It comes with two cables. One cable plugs into the back of the computer and the other plugs into the wall. Not only can you charge your devices, but you can plug in your thumb drives, external drives, and etc. The USB hub function allows you to stop using the USB ports on the computer and use them on the Spacebar. The ports on the left of the Spacebar are for charging and the ports on the right are used for the other stuff. There are also additional ports on the back on the opposite side of the cables. On the iMac the USB ports are on the back making plugging in things a mission. This solves that problem. 

For a PC user this product may be kind of hard to persuade. There are several reasons for this. The USB 3.0 cable that plugs into the computer is not very long. Sure this provides better cable management for an iMac user, but what about the love for PC. You can always buy a longer cable which that problem could be solved. Another issue is the average PC user has USB ports on the front of their machine. It would be kind of pointless to utilize the Spacebar at that point unless you just want to charge things. 

On my personal PC the front of it faces away from me and is sitting on the floor. The Spacebar at that point comes in handy for me and allows me to avoid reaching down to plug anything in. My desk setup however has my black monitor at the corner and the PC on the opposite end. The cable provided is not long enough. I could however just use it as a charging hub or buy a cable. The problem than would be the color of my monitor clashing with the aluminum Spacebar. Honestly I may contact them to see about getting a black one since my monitor is black. I have the brushed aluminum version since that was their latest product. 

If you are an iMac user this is a must have. I wouldn't ask any questions I would just yell at Quirky to take your money. Its amazing for the iMac. It has the space underneath to store your keyboard and mouse. I own a Corsair K65 mechanical keyboard so it is not going to fit. What does fit however is my Macbook or iPad.  

For the PC user you just need to take a look at your setup and think if it makes since to have one. If all your looking for is to just have your monitor raised a little higher, something else may be your better option. If you are interested in the Spacebar the link is here



Disclosure: I received a free Spacebar from Quirky in return for a review. The above review is my own and my honest opinion of the product. 

Robert Bassett