The Logitech MX Master Mouse. The Best Mouse Out Right Now?

When it comes to computer peripherals there are many of us who go on a hunt to find something that works and avoids punching a hole through the bank. Then there are those who just want the best gadget out at that moment. If you are the second one and you are looking for a mouse, than the MX Master might be for you. 

First off, I just need to talk about the design of this mouse. It is gorgeous. The people working with the design team really know how to make a mouse look sexy. This mouse is by also the most comfortable mouse I have used. The lip on the side of the mouse provides a perfect resting point for your thumb. The egronomics of this mouse are perfect for the hand. I would say that if you have extremely small hands that it may be a little big for you. (Insert thats what she said joke here) 

The button layout of the mouse is nearly perfect. The issues that I have is the poorly designed back and forward buttons. They are very tiny and thin. They stick out which makes it easy to identify which one is which. However in a rush to go back or forward you could press the wrong button. The other issue is how far back the buttons are on the mouse. If you are using the buttons than most of your hand is lifting off the mouse to press them. In front of the buttons are the horizontal scroll wheel. I cannot imagine why these are not reversed. It would make much more sense for the buttons to be where the scroll wheel is. How many horizontal pages are we looking at?

The MX Master brings the bluetooth adapter that works right out of the box. The mouse also features bluetooth. This allows you to toggle through three different devices. I would imagine whatever computer you use most frequent is where you would plug in the adapter. Right now it is plugged into my PC.  I can use the bluetooth feature to toggle between my PC and two other devices that I connect through bluetooth. What makes this so unique, is that it is done with just clicking the button on the bottom of the mouse. 


Since we are looking at the bottom of the mouse you will also see the connect button and the on/off switch. At the bottom is the button to toggle between devices. I would also like to point out that this bluetooth feature may not work on some older model devices. The black points on the mouse make contact with the surface. The way these are designed can throw away your mousepad, however I still use a mousepad. 

Out of the box the mouse works perfectly. There is a program called Logitech Options that can take your mouse to the next level. Starting off with the top scroll wheel, there are two wheel modes to choose from. There is ratchet (not affiliated with the hood) and free spin. The free spin obviously spins freely. When using this wheel mode you are able to scroll through pages and pages of whatever it is that you are looking at in a breeze. You can spin the wheel and it will spin for over ten seconds on its own. Ratchet is the opposite. It provides a click with every rotation. You can bypass that by scrolling harder than normal and it will go back into freespin mode until it stops. 

Most buttons on the mouse can be programmed to do something different. Right now the lip on the left is my media control. If I hold the button down and swipe left or right it will go to the next or previous song. If I swipe up or down it will change the volume. I also have the volume feature on the horizontal scroll wheel since I rarely find myself on a horizontal page. 

The battery life can last well over a month on this mouse. The batteries are not interchangeable. It uses a rechargeable battery that we hope to get several years of life on it. The Micro USB cable is used to charge the device. I would of loved to see USB-C on this mouse but I will have to wait for the next model. 

The MX Master Mouse is a must for those who are spending long hours on the computer. This mouse is aimed for productivity, so I don't recommend gaming with it. The price of the mouse is $99. I feel that the price is reasonable. This is the hottest mouse on the market right now in many aspects. Almost everyone who takes their mouse game seriously has one. If they don't than they own the Performance Mouse MX. 

Go here to go to the Logitech website. They have many other mouses to choose from if you aren't a fan of the MX Master. 


Robert Bassett