The Razer Firefly Mouse Mat. Would You Buy It?

For quite a while Razer was teasing this new mouse mat. A few days ago it was finally announced and unfortunately I am just now getting to talk about it. There are a lot of skeptics already bashing this new mouse mat. While I understand, I figured I would give my opinion on it. I suppose I will start with the good and go to the bad. 

The Firefly features a micro-textured finish for gaming. After doing some research on it, I could easily say that it would be a great surface to game on. I am not sure if my gaming experience would be a extreme step up from my Steel Series mouse pad, but at least I could have colors glowing on the side. 

The primary feature of the Firefly is that it has chroma lighting. There are many different affects that you can add to the mouse pad. It ranges from a wave of colors to breathing two different colors. Obviously you can just pick a solid color and leave it at that. I was worried that the Razer symbol would stay green regardless of color, but no it actually changes to whatever color you put. It also has a reactive mode which lights up with actions being made on a Razer mouse. Sorry Corsair gamers. 

Now here are the problems in the Firefly. I would like to state that these problems may not be problems for many of you. I would imagine the primary audience this product is going to attract are gamers. If you are a gamer I would guess that you have a wired keyboard. I would also like to think that you have a wired mouse. I personally feel that having a wired mouse mat would just be extreme. If you aren't a fan of cable management than you go on and buy this mouse mat.

So many people are not going to buy this mouse mat primarily because it is wired. They also would not buy it because it is also $60. In many peoples case the mouse mat would cost more than their mouse. Like 24 inch rims on Ford Fiesta. I think the wiring was just a mistake. I would of rather had a USB adapter with two AA batteries somewhere maybe in front of the mouse mat. What do you think? Would you get it? Is the extra wire a deal breaker?

Robert Bassett