iPad Pro

We are in a computational shift. We are moving from a desktop an laptop led environment to a mobile first, cloud based system! 

This is a interesting time for computer users, developers an companies alike. There was once a time where only the large mega corps like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Google could be players but with a completely fresh and innovative form of computers on the horizon we can be excited by the concepts that are currently rumoured. This brings me straight to the Apple iPad Pro a mobile tablet that has a bunch of Apple nerds, fanboys an developers truly excited.  

We have to put things mildly been stuck with rather futile efforts to bring power to a tablet computer. There has been a couple of Microsoft Surfaces, I own a Microsoft Surface RT and well it sucks! The Surface Pro is overpriced. On the other end of the scale there is the current iPad which is great for consuming media, browsing the internet, playing games etc. Also there are a variety of Android devices, however I am un-impressed personally but I do know a lot of people that praise them highly. 

I am now however very excited at the prospect of a iPad Pro it has some interesting features and as a recent rumour discovered by The TechFeed mentioned a few great ones a USB-C port to replace the lightning port, NFC to integrate Apple pay an a bluetooth stylus. 

 I anticipate that the Apple iPad Pro is scheduled for a October release well I am informed it a likely release date.

Andrew Bassett