The Perfect Android Experience

The reason why iOS is slamming in the mobile department is simple. It doesn't change across devices. Sure some things may not be work on an older device due to performance issues, but overall the experience is the same. If you have an iPhone 5S and put it to the test of an iPhone 6 you are only getting beat in the hardware department. The experience of software is virtually the same. 

One thing that Android has over iOS is the availability to customize your device. The sky is the limit when it comes to this. Here is the problem. Many flagship devices are built on top of a specific software. If you own an HTC One m9 you are more than likely rocking the Sense UI. If you are using a Samsung you are using Touchwiz. This changes depending on the device you have and the carrier. Some features are for a specific carrier. I have Sprint and I have bloatware on my Note 4 due to having Sprint. The majority of us don't want bloatware on our phones. An iPhone from Sprint doesn't come with preloaded Sprint apps. Its a stock experience for everyone across the board. So what am I getting at?

I have a vision. The vision is simple. Why can't every device have stock Lollipop (or whatever current Android version is out). This will give the same experience to everyone. Because it is Android, you have the upper hand on Apple because you can customize on top of stock Android. At this point it would be a simple decision to buy a phone. You would buy a phone for the hardware that it has, not for the software. I know people that stay away from Samsung devices solely because of Touchwiz and vice versa with Sense. The Nexus 6 is (in my eyes) lacking on some hardware but has the perfect experience. 

What do you think? Would it make since to companies to solely focus on just hardware? That seems like Apple's route in many cases. Let me know what you think. 

Robert Bassett