The Gear I Use.

I want to start off by saying not everything I have is "the best of the best". I am in the process of upgrading a lot of things and like most of you I am not rich. I will also update everything as time goes by. I will start off with the main things like my PC and start going down to the smaller things. 

My PC currently is a project build. This PC started off as a trade from Craigslist. At the time I want to state that I was not aware of what I really was getting myself into. I had a 2013 Macbook Pro and I traded it for literally a build that I could currently build for around 400. Now I have put a lot into this build so far. I suppose I will start with what it came with so that way if you see anything kind of weird you will understand why. It came with an Asus Z87K motherboard, i5 4590 processor, Ultra 750 PSU, One 300 gig laptop HD, PNY 750 TI graphics card, 8 gigs of Patriot ram (aka the devil), one blue case fan, stock cpu cooler, and last but not least a Ultra gladiator mid tower case. This case currently sells for $50 at Tiger Direct. 

Since then I have upgraded several things. In fact the only thing I have not touched is the Motherboard and processor. It is in a Corsair Obsidian 750D full tower case, Corsair HX 850I PSU, Corsair H55 water cooler, EVGA GTX 660 graphics card, Two Samsung Evo 250 Gig SSD's, One 1tb Seagate HHD, 3 Corsair AF120 fans, 2 Corsair AF140 fans, 1 Corsair SP120 fan, NZXT lighting Kit, NZXT fan controller, and one LG disc drive. 

A lot of those things don't really make since. So here is my future plan. I will be getting a new motherboard, processor, and graphics card. These will be coming in the next couple of months. For the time being I will purchase a H100I water cooler. Later on I will be doing some custom water cooling. The GTX 660 I bought because it was a bargain that I got for around 100 bucks. 

So enough of the PC. My mouse of choice is the Logitech MX Master Mouse. The keyboard I currently use is the Corsair K65 RGB keyboard. My monitor is an Acer 27 inch. The bezels are very thin which is why I love this monitor. My headphones are the Audio Technica M50X. My speakers for the setup are Logitech Z200. My desk is the Bekant series from Ikea. In the back of it is a led strip. My current camera is a Canon T5i. I have the lens that the kit came with. I plan on getting a new one soon. The lighting kit I have is from Cowboy Studio. 

I think that is about it. There may be a few things that I left out. If I did and you have seen me with it please let me know. Below will be links to all the things I use including parts for my build. Once I upgrade the build I will also upgrade the part list. 

Once the Listmania feature by Amazon is up and running I will add everything to it. 



Robert Bassett