Why Building Your Own Computer Makes Sense.

Lets be honest, the majority of us these days that are buying/building PC's are doing it for just a handful of reasons. The biggest being gaming. When it comes to gaming sure there are laptops that can handle every game you throw at it, but it just doesn't provide the same experience. Another reason would be massive workflow. If you work from home and do a lot of heavy work you probably lean more towards buying a PC. We also have the group of production. Those who are editing and using heavy power are more than likely using a PC. 

The majority of the PC's on shelves do the same things laptops do. Especially when it comes down to popular name brands. They aren't coming with a lot of power. In fact the majority of PC's being bought are for companies that need one since having a laptop laying around in a work place probably isn't a solid idea. When it comes down to buying the more expensive prebuilt PC's your wallet takes a massive hit. The money you could save from building one could be hundreds. 

These PC's often come with major bloatware. Sure the specs are great, but your navigating through bloatware narnia to experience it. This is most often with prebuilt PC's like Alienware, Cyberpower and a handful of others. Sure there are nothing wrong with these PC's overall. They are great performers and they get the job done. The issue is having a big name behind it. You pay for the name when it comes to buying PC's...and a lot of other things when you think about it. 

Going out and building your own PC is more practical. Not only are you saving money, but you are experiencing something magical. You are using a PC that you personally put together. Why not build what you want. It makes more since to put something together the way that you like it. Building a PC these days is not hard. All it takes is a few youtube tutorials and some common sense. 



Robert Bassett