What Is Alphabet.

Alphabet. The new parent of Google and many other projects. Does it make sense? Like the majority of the crowd, I believe its a smart decision. Here was a problem Google had. They had so many different things going on. They have projects that aren't directly connected with Google and caused problems with investors. They have projects that unless someone told you what they were, you wouldn't know they were owned by Google. 

Alphabet is here to straighten out the mess. Think of Alphabet as the parent of Google and everything else Google (now Alphabet) does. 

What is still under Google?

  • Youtube

  • Google Advertising
  • Android
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search

Basically Google is only those things now. Its not Fiber, nest, etc. 

What will be under Alphabet?

  • Google 
  • Projects like self driving cars and delivery drones
  • Nest
  • Calico 
  • Sidewalk
  • Investment Arms
  • Fiber

What do you think about the new changes? If you would like to see the full press release go to abc.xyz 



Robert Bassett