Why The iPhone 6S Is Bad News For Some Businesses.

I would like to thank myself for something that ties into this post. I called something out a while back. When watching Apple reveal the iPad Air 2, they were talking about how the glass is much more closer to the LCD. By doing this it gives a much better image (getting rid of the glare). Every iPad until that one was inexpensive to fix a broken screen. Depending on around the area, you could be looking at around $100 to fix an iPad Air (first gen) broken glass. When I say broken glass...I mean only the glass. The LCD (what gives you image) still has to be working correctly. In the repair world the glass is called the Digitizer. A basic digitizer  repair for an ipad is simple. There is a gap between the LCD and the Digitizer making a glass repair possible. When Apple announced that the iPad Air 2 would not have that gap, I knew it was a problem for repair shops. I was right. You now have to buy the part with the LCD and Digitizer together. The part alone costs around $250. That isn't including the labor fee you will pay for a repair shop to do the repair. 

How does that tie in to the title at all? The 6S is rumored to feature a force touch feature. This has been introduced on the latest 2015 Macbook and the Apple Watch. The force touch technology will be built into the screen. Here is what most of you don't know. All screens come from China. Workers in China assemble the screens and ship them here for vendors to sell online or to repair shops. China sells each screen to a vendor for a few bucks (depending on the model). The vendor sells online or to a repair shop and makes their profit.  The repair shop does the repair on a part that cost no more than $10 to assemble in China a few weeks ago. 

Right now a current iPhone 6 screen goes for around $60. With this force touch display coming there is a big possibility that China may not be able to make these screens. If they do I am sure the screens will be at a much higher cost. I could probably see the repair cost being around $300 if China can make the screens. 

Apple put a dagger through many repair shops when the iPhone 6 was first released. At the time China was charging an arm and a leg for screens. So one screen was costing around $150. That wasn't including any labor fee. The average repair shop was charging $200 for the repair. Apple started doing the repair for $110. This killed many repair shops for quite a while....at least until the cost of screens came down. Apple was able to do this basically because they have people in Foxconn making the screens and shipping them over here for employees to repair them. 

I can see that happening again with the S lineup. The time is coming where companies like Apple and Samsung are making it harder for repair shops to fix their phones. Could it be a dark world for all these small businesses? 

Robert Bassett