What To Expect At Tomorrow's Apple Event

None of us are 100% sure whats going to happen tomorrow. We could all be let down, or we could walk away with our mind being blown. More than likely we are going to walk away with an "eh" feeling. 

The most obvious announcement will be the iPhone 6S and 6S+. There are even rumors of Apple skipping the S lineup and going straight for 7. The "S" term in iPhone launches have always been identified as speed. There aren't many design changes with the S series of the iPhones. We know for sure that the 6S (or 7) will look like the iPhone 6. 

The overall change will be inside. The primary change will be the new 12MP camera. Since the iPhone 4S Apple has always carried the 8MP back camera. The new lineup will also for the first time have 2 gigs of ram. iOS has always needed only 1 gig of ram, which would be why Apple has never bothered with the upgrade. This change seems to tell me some changes in iOS in the near future. The new lineup will also feature the new A9 chip as well. There will be some other changes I am sure,  but nothing we can guarantee. 

In my opinion the biggest announcement will be the new Apple TV. One of the biggest changes will be a new App Store. Here is my rant. Why was there never an App store on these Apple TV's? I own one. I use it for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go/Now. There are a few other things you could use it for, but none of them were ever worth buying an Apple TV. Why did it take three years to get this? 

The Apple TV's biggest hype is being able to play games on it. The "console killer" name needs to quit flying around when it comes to talking about the Apple TV. Don't expect to play console games on this device. The App Store will have games similar to some of those on the iPhone. The Apple TV will come with a new remote. This remote is rumored to have a new touch screen, motion sensors, and a new microphone. 

The iPad lineup needs a big save. Phones are very powerful, making buying an iPad a tough decision. Apple is going to really have to pack a punch with the new iPad. This 12.9 inch iPad has been rumored for quite some time. We aren't exactly sure of the name, but most are leaning towards the iPad Pro. It would make sense. It is expected to be much more powerful and its rumored to have a stylus. That is strange, considering Steve Jobs hated the stylus. 

A few of the other announcements will be updates on the Apple watch, OS X El Capitan, and iOS 9. We are sure that there will be a few other things that we did not see coming, but nothing for us to "ooohh" and "aahhh" about.