iPad Pro. Is It A Scratch Of The Surface?

The iPad Pro shares very similar features to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. They both now have a stylus and a keyboard. On the Surface the stylus is included, but we don't expect something free from Apple. The keyboard is $149.99 and the Apple Pencil is $99.  That is $250 additional if you go for the cheaper $799 model. At this point you are already crossing over $1,100 just for the basics. At that point you can grab the 256GB/ Intel Core i5 Surface Pro 3 for $1,149. 

At the end of the day, both of these tablets are powerful and will get the job done. It would just depend on how you want to spend the money. These tablets run a thin line of being either tablet or laptop. This is great for Microsoft, since they don't sell any other products that are similar to the Surface. That is not the case with Apple. Apple just released the 2015 Macbook. It is very light and when announced seemed like it would replace a lot of iPads. It is not very powerful. You will never be editing 4K video on it. You can get away comfortably doing the basics. It seems to be an iPad with a built in keyboard. It does however run Mac OS. The iPad Pro runs iOS. If you make me choose between the Macbook and the iPad Pro, I will probably choose the Macbook. I think I would change my answer if the iPad Pro ran Mac OS. 

When it is all said and done, the iPad Pro will be a great device. I have read hundreds of articles in the past several years that speak about Apple's loss of innovation. That has been true since October 5th, 2011. Apple seems to take a already built product, and simply make it better. The iPad Pro is exactly like the Surface, but they changed it into something better. I can't say the same for the Apple Watch...it just sucks. 

Robert Bassettapple, ipad, technology