iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. A Big Upgrade!

In April last year I did the review on the previous Pro Tech Toolkit. You can check that out here. Recently a new toolkit has been released and its packing a punch. The new toolkit has a new design and brings a lot of functionality to the actual pouch itself. It brings the tool roll itself just like the last one but this time it includes a magnetic mat. The new driver kit (more on that later) has magnets on the bottom and top that make it easy to close and to stick it on to the magnetic mat. The bottom part of the top piece has grid cutouts which is great for additional storage for small parts and screws.

The kit itself has the following tools.

  1. 64 bit driver kit. This kit is a big upgrade from  the previous gen. There are a total of ten extra bits. From what I can tell the extra bits are the gamebit and spanner bits. If I notice anything else I will update this section. The driver itself is very nice. It is a little thicker, but provides a  more premium feel. The ridges on the bottom provide a better grip as well. The quality of the bits are overall the same.
  2. The blue opening tools are a little bigger and there is one more included.
  3. Suction cup. The exact same as the previous gen. Not much you can really change.
  4. Opening picks. These weren't included in the previous gen. These little guys work magic. If you are repairing iPads, this is probably the best thing to use.
  5. Angled tweezers. Same as before but glad I got new ones. My coworker burned the tips on the other pair. 
  6. Blunt ESD tweezers. Used for picking up screws or other components. 
  7. Spudger. Same everywhere you go. 
  8. Metal spudger. For the ones repairing iPhone 5C batteries. Gods of adhesive hold those batteries down, so these are a must. 
  9. Jimmy. Eh. It has good grip and I can see it being useful on things like iPads, back glass on the new galaxies, and a few other things. Here is my issue. In the repair community there is what we like to call the iSesamo. Click here to see what this is. 9 times out of 10 this would be much more useful than this Jimmy guy. The issue with the iSesamo is that if you don't know what you are doing than you can break something by sticking the blade in too far. However, you can break something using any of these tools. I would much rather like to see the iSesamo in this tool kit than the Jimmy.
  10. Nylon tipped reverse tweezers. This is great when you are working with something that can't be in contact with metal...or your fingers.

Overall this is a solid toolkit. It does cost $20 more than the previous gen. I would say though that it is a great upgrade. The toolkit by itself brings a lot of functionality. The pouch from the last gen was put away and now the tools are just in a box. The pouch itself didn't serve a purpose. I suppose if you are someone repairing once a month, than the pouch did justice. However when you are actually a technician, it kind of gets in the way. So the magnetic features really help a lot in the new toolkit. You check out all the parts and even buy it at the link below. 

Robert Bassett