iKlips USB 3.0 Memory Stick. Extra Room For Your iPhone!

Many of us have been victims of buying 16GB iPhones. The lack of storage is frustrating and many of us buy into purchasing cloud storage. What if there are other ways? A flash drive memory stick called iKlips from Adam Elements might be for you. In fact, this little guy can do so much more than be a storage device. 

The iKlips has two ends. On one end we have a USB 3.0 connector and on the other a lightning connector. You must own a Apple device with a lightning port for this to be of any use to you. The body is made of aluminum with rubber ends covering the connectors. The back of it has a clip used for other carrying options. 

It works just like any other USB 3.0 thumb drive, with the exception of being able to plug it into your iPhone. The iKlips needs an app to be used with the iPhone. This is probably the best part about this flash drive. When plugging the iKlips in you are greeted with the message to go to the app store to download the app. From within the app you can access any photos, music, documents and videos that are stored on the flash drive. I can share, copy, and move any document in the flash drive as well. 


The hardest thing of having low storage is having to delete pictures on your iPhone. In the iKlips app you can do a photo back up of the photos on your iPhone. After doing this you can delete those photos from your iPhone and have peace within knowing they are saved. This will definitely catch the eye of many low storage users. 

I find this flash drive very practical overall, even if you have enough storage on your iPhone. I think its a great way to cross things between your computer and iPhone. I love that it works with Mac and PC out of the box. I tend to use my gaming rig for anything that needs power and using my Macbook Pro at all other times.

I can't really find anything to complain about this flash drive. I have the 64gb version and it costs $99. The price is a little steep but for what you are getting, its worth it. Check it out below on Amazon. Let me know on Twitter what you think of this flash drive.

Robert Bassett