Error 53. How You Can Overcome It.

I remember when I first started seeing error 53 on iTunes. Being a part time phone/computer technician, I often come across some weird iTunes errors. So what does error 53 mean? 

Odds are that if you are receiving Error 53, you are a iPhone 6 owner. Odds are that you have replaced the iPhone home button and have attempted to do a restore/update of some sort. Lets think of it this way. The touch ID and motherboard are married. They cannot be be with anyone else. Simply stated. You can't replace your home button and try to update or restore your phone. You WILL receive error 53. How can you get away with this?

If you have just broken your home button. Buy the part on eBay. They are literally $10. Take it to a local repair shop. Get them to install it for you. If they are charging anything more than $30 you should leave. At this point you are set....if you never update or restore your phone. Your touch to unlock will never work, but the clicking home mechanism will. You could also just trade the phone in and get an upgrade. No carrier employee will ever be checking to see if the touch ID works. Never. 

Don't bring the phone to Apple. They don't want to repair anything and the knowledge on issues with hardware are slim to none. If you do make the mistake of bringing the device to an Apple store, do not mention anything about the phone ever being repaired. They have this weird belief system. If anyone other than an Apple tech opened it the device is doomed to hell. They literally will not touch the device. It is bizarre. 

The very best thing you can do. Assuming you have insurance, is just bringing it to your carrier. Fork up the $170-$200 and do an insurance claim on it. In fact, if Tmobile lives up to their contract, the replacement should be free. Although Error 53 is from changing the home button, most people would diagnose it as a software related issue. To avoid the mess entirely. If you break your home button. Pay the insurance deductible. 


Robert Bassett